What we guarantee - Welfare of animals and pastures land
Terra Thessalia Lactis - Welfare of animals and pastures land
The welfare of the animals is linked to their living and feeding conditions and their non conversion into "production machines" with the modern means available to man. Their contact with nature through movement and grazing, that are important for their health, is therefore the basic criterion that ensures the welfare of the TerraThessaliaLactis sheep and goats.
The persistence of TerraThesslia in supporting pastoral herds is linked to ensuring the welfare of sheep and goats, a fact that contributes to the health of the animals and the consumers. TerraThessalia treats sheep and goats as the center of an integrated production process in which the society is directly interested since it concerns: the security and quality of products, the environmental protection, ensuring the sustainability of natural resources and the welfare of the animals.

GPS tracking system installation
Terra Thessalia Lactis - Welfare of animals and pastures land
Installing a GPS-tracking system to animals that belong at the TerraThessalia herds allows recording in real time the movement of the animals. The data is stored in a database that is installed in a specially designed Server. This specific information that is kept in an archive can easily be offered to the prospective buyers of Thessaly dairy products so that they can verify/certify themselves the extensiveness of the livestock farms since they will be able to follow the movements of the herds in the requested time period.
For more details on the development of the satellite monitoring system watch the video.
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